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Thanks to Paskalis Damar of Sinekdoks for nominating me. So here's my Liebster:

Q & A from Sinekdoks:
01. Please name a movie that can describe you or what you feel now!
Dazed and Confused. Because that's what I feel right now
02. What’s your all time favorite movie OST? 
"Falling Slowly", one of the most romantic song of all time
03. Choose one: Jurassic World, Terminator Genysis, or Star Wars Eps. VII?
Jurassic World, because Bryce Dallas Howard's in it
04. Choose one: annoying cliffhanger or super-twisted bad ending?
The second one. Because annoying cliffhanger doesn't always work, and sometimes it shows us that the maker is confused about how to end the movie.
05. Choose one: European movie, Asian movie, Australian movie or South American movie? Name a title! 
European movie. Most of them are super realistic. I chose Ida from Poland.
06. What’s the best Indonesian movie you ever watched? 
Opera Jawa (Requiem of Java) by Garin Nugroho.
07. If your life were a movie, what other movie might look similar to it? 
Shame. No need to explain.
08. If your life were still a movie, who will portray you best? 
Michael Fassbender of course.
09. As a movie blogger, what kind of comment you loathe? 
10. As a movie blogger, do you follow foreign blogger and interact with them? Why yes, why not? 
Nope, and there's no particular reason
11. Now, please describe your blog in a sentence! 
Movie-review that mostly talk about the story, and ignored the technical aspect.
Random Facts About Me:

1. Die-hard fans of OASIS
2. In the middle of lovely long distance relationship 
3. Still trying hard to make a good short movie
4. Think that Kim Ki-duk is the overlooked God of Cinema
5. I have a very big dream to make a better Indonesian movie industry
6. Have a man crush to Ryan Gosling #heygirl
7. Afraid of frog...
8. ...and traveling with plane
9. Wanna make a movie about sex but no one wanna play in it
10. In my fifth years of college life and still goes on at least until two next years
11. A proud "ngapak-speaker"

Questions to Fellow Bloggers:
I can't think of any questions, so you can answer the same questions like I am (from Sinekdoks)

Finally, I nominate every bloggers who want to participate in this awards, hehehe. Cheers mate.

10 komentar :

  1. Wow! Falling Slowly, I love that too. Anyway, kita ada beberapa hal yg sama nih. Your facts #2, #3, dan... #6 HAHAHA
    Penasaran juga sama kisah hidup yang kayak SHAME, 'cause I wanna be in one like it, too.


    1. Ah, pria mana yang nggak man crush sama Gosling hehe
      Well, Fassbender's life in Shame is kinda depressing but also full with "pleasure" right? :P

  2. random facts nomer 1 sama lah ama saya hahaha

    keep posting ya, saya dari jaman saya SMA ampe sekarang semester 4 suka baca-baca review disini hehehe :)

    1. Ah, dua poin utama dari komentar ini menyenangkan sekali
      Thanks bro :)

  3. Interesting answer for number 7 hahaha. Accidentally came to your blog and I like it ^^

    1. That's more embarassing than interesting hahaha
      Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. random fact #10 rules, like a don. haha

    1. Don Baskoro? hahah

    2. Donadoni. Eh, Syid pas aku ngisi KPDYTC kae ono videone ra? haha

    3. Haha misalkan ono yo mbuh neng sopo e jadul tenan